The History of Cowlicks

The ice cream business has been a part of Lisa Thompson’s life for as long as she can remember. When Lisa was a little girl, her mom Marguerite worked at Johnson’s Dairy Bar in Northwood while pregnant with Lisa’s twin brother and sister. When she turned 14, Lisa got her first job at Johnson’s where she worked as a cashier and watched the creamery at work.

Johnson's Dairy Bar   (vintage postcard) Johnson’s Dairy Bar

Johnson’s made all of their ice cream in house, so Lisa learned how ice cream was made, and how the best ice cream is made from simple, farm fresh ingredients. This is also where Lisa learned the secret to the perfect frappe – a LOT of ice cream, and never skimp by filling it with milk. This is why her dairy bars have always been known for their incredible frappes!

When Lisa was a student at UNH, she worked at the Weeks Family Restaurant on the old Weeks Traffic Circle in Dover where she continued to serve ice cream sundaes, banana splits, and frappes. Ice cream helped her pay her way through college!

   (vintage photo) Weeks Family Restaurant

Then, at the age of 24, Lisa and Al Golick purchased Princess Dairy Bar located on Dover Point Road. Princess Dairy Bar had been around for 20 years at that point, and like most ice cream shops of the time, it had limited flavors and options for their customers. Lisa’s goal was to create an ice cream shop that offered as many different flavors as possible. She wanted to make sure her dairy bar would offer people real frappes, classic sundaes, and banana splits, and as many flavors as she could possibly offer.

Golicks Dairy Bar   (photo) Golick’s Dairy Bar 1986 – 2016

Lisa broke from the common business practice of bulk ordering and decided to source ice cream from three of the best local companies to create the biggest selection of locally made hard scoop ice creams. Over the years, Golick’s grew to have three locations.

Lisa and Shrek   (photo) Lisa Thompson with her horse Shrek

In 2016, Lisa and Al decided to go in different directions with the business—Al still has Golick’s in Rochester and Barrington, and Lisa has the Dover location—and that’s when Cowlicks was born! Lisa continues to sponsor local teams and events like she always has, and of course – she continues to offer as many flavors as she possibly can, while still making the best frappes, nor’easters, and banana splits you can get!

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