COWLICKS Apprenticeship Program

for ages 13 and up • great pay • supportive • dynamic • fun!


Cowlicks owner, Lisa Thompson was 14 when she got her very first job – scooping ice cream at Johnson’s Dairy Bar in Northwood! Lisa has always loved working with young people and teaching them the ropes. Over the years, however, it has become harder and harder for young people (13-15) to find employers willing to hire from within their age group.

With that in mind, Cowlicks has decided to offer working apprenticeships to motivated kids ages 13 and up for the 2023 season. Yes, that’s right – 13 and 14 year olds are welcome!

About the Program

We will strictly adhere to all state laws regarding hour times and limitations and will train kids on the art of having a job, including many skills that they will take with them as they grow!

  • learning how to work with customers
  • handling cash
  • inventory organization and planning
  • scheduling for a small business
  • and best of all, how to make ice cream look beautiful with lots of taste-testing required!

The pay is great, the team is supportive, and the work environment is dynamic. You will remember your first job forever. Come have a blast and make new friends on the 2023 Cowlicks Crew!!

Fill out an application or write up your own (including your availability, previous job experience, and a few non-family references). Mail your application to:

Cowlicks Dairy Bar
5 Union Street
Dover, NH 03820