Welcome to Cowlicks!

We are taking several precautions to keep our staff, our customers, and their families safe as we open, and we are asking that you PLEASE follow our safety rules below.


To help reduce contact, and for people who have breathing problems when they wear a mask, you can now order from your car! Here’s how it works:

1. Arrive at Cowlicks
2. Text your order to (603) 948-5803 (be sure to let us know what car you‘re in!)
3. We will then give you your total, which you pay online thru Venmo @cowlicksdover or PayPal paypal.me/cowlicksdairybar
4. We bring the order out to you! (and we‘ll have on a mask for your protection)

A FEW DETAILS: This is for everything but cones. You can order pints and quarts, even a banana split if you are brave! If you want a cone on top of your ice cream, we can add it onto a cup for 25 cents!

If you are coming to the window:

  1. PLEASE wear a mask. This is important!
  2. Stand inside the painted circles while in line.
  3. Only ONE person at the ordering window (no groups at the window)
  4. Everyone must eat in their cars.
  • We will have one window for payments and another for food. No one handling money will be handling food.
  • We are removing a scooping freezer to allow our workers to keep a safer distance in the shop, so we will be offering a reduced number of flavors. (Still 52 – lots of delicious choices!)
    View our 2020 opening day Flavor List »
  • We will be offering fewer sizes to make the process faster and more efficient in order to keep the line moving and safe.
  • We will be taking the temperatures of our workers every day as an extra precaution.
  • Our workers will ALL be wearing masks for you – we ask that you do the same for us.

Cowlicks is a proud member of the New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs!